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Because of the lack of quality material for the production of shadings on the Slovenian market, we founded the company Interlux in 1999.

The goal of the company is, from the founding on, to satisfy the buyer’s demands, regarding the supply of quality materials and the information about the fashion trends, which remained until today. In 2008. we successfully concluded building of the new business spaces, so an opportunity came for expanding our sale program, because in previous years we had space problems and that prevented our expansion. We decided to remain with the program of interior decoration of the spaces, where also shadings belong, and we added in our sale program the decorative stone, which makes perfect space. There are natural stone facings for the interior and the exterior. Regarding the competition, we can boast that we have by far the biggest range of stone shapes and also 25 different colors, so we can find an adequate solution for every space. The decorative stone can be used as stone facing for the decorative stone walls made of natural stone, decorative stone mosaics for the bathrooms, decorative stones for the stone facades, stone plates for the pavements for the interior and the exterior use. The natural stone is used, beside already listed versions, also for the facing of slopes, chimneys, fireplaces etc.

The greatest business success is our satisfied and successful partners! When we solve problems and difficulties together with the partners, we search the solutions and suggest new working procedures and we also obtain new knowledge and experiences. Only with the constant development we can reach the goal: to be successful in long term in the field of shadings and decorative stone.

Interlux d.o.o.
Cesta v Gorice 2
1000 Ljubljana

01 423 3263
Fax: 01 423 3264

ID for VAT: SI 36064122,
Registry number: 1420011
Basic Capital: 131.813,07€
TRR: 29000-005510998
Bank Austria Creditanstalt d.d.
TRR: 24201-9004762371
Raiffeisen Krekova banka d.d.

www: www.kamen-dekorativni.si